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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
Would not fiddle with the Indivision cores if you have no way of getting an image an alternative way (RGB, RF, Composite etc)...
The problem here is, loads of people, me included, have nothing but the indivision to get us a video feed. I lucked out and found a monitor in my possession that actually gives usable video, so i can work with it, but thats one, out of 4 units. If i didn't have that one i'd be dead in the water, with no reasonable solution.

To get it set up i would have to bring my 46" TV & the Amiga to someone else who's got something that gives me video over composite / RGB, and the whole point of the Indivision is that these devices are getting rare... Yeah, i do see the issue. Now that there is a test button i'm not that scared, i should be able to test things out to get it working on my TV, but i don't want to think about the future if the TV breaks, and the new device doesn't like the same settings... I'm hoping for a library of presets that you can swap to & flash with a blind flash when things get more finalized, to keep us in business. Hopefully user configured presets will be possible, so if i'm sitting somewhere, blind, someone else with a working setup can push their config to me, and i could get going again. But this software isn't finalized yet as far as i know, so i'm still hoping.
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