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I bought an Indivision AGA-II for my Amiga 1200, and I just can't get the thing working with any of my LCD monitors. I don't have any kind of output. How do I install Jen's latest config tool to check the Indy is even powering up? I've downloaded the file on my PC, and moved to a CF card for my A1200, but all I get when I click on any of the files is "failed returncode 10".

AmigaTech have been hopeless at giving me any aftersales service. They're either arrogant or incompetent. To make matters worse I'm located in Western Australia, so I can hardly call into the shop in the UK. With all the run around I've been having since September I'd be asking for my money back.

Can someone please give me some instructions here?

Amiga 1200: 030 accelerator with 16Mb RAM, CF 4Gb hard drive.


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