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Rich, you didn't ask me for my opinion of your conversion and I gave it anyway along with a long spiel justifying this one. I'd feel very wierd coming on here not knowing anyone and criticising someone else's effort in order to justify my own, and that wasn't the intention. I think that you appearing on here made it all more 'real'. I should be honoured that some good coders have bothered with this thread. I want to say thanks to all for support.

Before I start I'd like quickly say I'm sorry about the way I came onto this board, and I'm sure I've talked a lot of shit on the way to here.

I've half decided to stop Final Fight, and start to mould this into something new. There's enough here to say something quite nice should be possible. The first thing I would probably do is go back to the previous screen display routine as it was just a bit faster, I think I got 6 or 7 enemies on screen stable, no bob flicker whilst I was preparing the change. I can get 5 with the current setup, with one object on the screen running 25 fps smooth, but then you have to bear in mind the second player will also be a bob requiring a repeat of the player code - it should still be good for 4 baddies, or 5 with a little slowdown. The method I'm using now for static objects should mean they create very little extra hit to the performance, so the screen could be really busy.
The advantage of the other way was using sprites you could have up to 4 players, 6 or 7 bobs onscreen for the same fps - no contest for playabliity.
* Energy bars - I would just use block pasting in an unused part of the screen. Not as fast as a sprite overlay - no I would do that if I can; there's a vertical sprite multiplexer doing the rounds in Blitz2, I think I found it on the BSS.
* Shrink the sprites to fit into 64 pixel width maximum, you may have noticed haggar's fist appearing strange on the first WIP; this is because it is a bob when he punches, and the feet are bobs when he kicks. Could have been sprites, but I wanted them for other things.
* Parallax - using the copper for some coloured bars, would like to try scrolling them in some way. Horizontal multiplexing would not be possible using the sprites for the players anyway.

Everything could be optimised for speed and playability.
It could be something anybody could work on.
We could do new combos, characters, stages, features etc.

If I continue Final Fight, then I'll keep the current graphics setup and plow on. Tidy up the quirks, add the rest of the first stage, and it's characters. I'd welcome any help still, but I've always thought it would be less likely, copyright and the 'feeling of impending doom' are offputting, no-one wants to work on something that might not get done. This in part also accounts for starting a conversion and not an original, the work is there to be adapted.

So I'm setting up a poll, and will continue the project as a Final Fight remake until 2 months from now, so ending June 30 lets say.
As a little side project, I'll put haggar VS haggar into a little SF2 style. This shouldn't take too long, though I might end up taking a look at how the scaling floor is done, I'm sure it must account in some way for SSF2T's lag. But that would take longer.
I'll try to do it in a way that makes it easier for someone to look at, edit and continue; maybe I could do some kind of tutorial or something.

FInal Fight - could turn out to be a real peice of shit and you should be expecting a PD game written in Blitz Basic, not an arcade perfect conversion as such. I've got haggar using the bar, which appears strapped to his back at present, I'll get some footage of it soon.
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