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Here are my picks Sorry, AmigaPD, there were a few titles I just had to add..

1. The Adventures of Quik and Silva
Back in 1991, and according to Chris Hulsbeck - the music desiger on this production, The Adventures of Quik and Silva was bolted together in just two weeks by the Kaiko/A.U.D.I.O.S Team when they ran into financial touble trying to produce Apidya. They decided to rush out a Turrican/Great Giana Sisters clone to capitalise on a trend they knew would sell well, lebelled themselves 'New Bits on the Ram', and sold the game to Amiga Fun magazine to be released on a coverdisk later in 1991. Kaiko got 30,000 DM for the Amiga version and a further 20,000 DM for an Atari ST conversion, and with the money they were then able to complete and release Apidya early in 1992. The final product features many in-jokes and characters from famous games, including Sonic and Mario, Ninja Turtles, and even the wasps from Apidya. As a Turrican wannabe, the game is fast, smooth and highly playable; with a varied set of polished levels, and with great music and voice sound effects.

2. Alien Fish Finger
3. Deluxe Galaga
Mr. Beanbag AGA Demo

6. Alien Bash 2
7. Cybernetix
SpeedRacer FX
SpeedRacer FX is the sequel to Hydrozone - and as such is a similar 3D tunnel simulator designed and coded by David J. Cruickshank (of Alien Fish Finger fame). This time, the pilot of this other-worldly craft must fight to stay ahead of an opponent in a fast and fluid 3D tunnel environment. If anything, this game is much more responsive then it's predisesor, much faster, and much more competetive; thanks to a new split screen dual playfield mode - which is either controlled by the computer as a CPU player, or a human competitor using the keyboard or a second joystick.
Unlike Hydrozone, the music in this sequel is top notch, and never gets boring. The polished menu screens add to the high adreneline atmosphere, and the game is just fun and highly addictive from the go.

9. Llamatron
10. Sneech
11. Scorched Tanks
12. Morton Strikes Back
13. BabeAnoid
14. Starwoids

15. Tanx
THE public domain title on the Amiga for the longest time, this little gem inspired many tank attack games and future war simulatons. Its simplicity belies the fact that it's quite tricky to fire a missile; taking account of the wind and terrain, angle of attack, and speed and velocity of your missile; to hopefully land it on top of an enemy tank who is trying to do the same back to you. Later games made use of more weapons and special effects, yet the 'Commence Firing!!' speech samples and well drawn backgrounds gave this game a very unique feel and strange military charm all of its own.

16. Revenge of the Mutant Camels
More humped animals firing missiles at even sillier, but less humped, enemies. Collectables include packs of Cigarettes (which enable flight) and Umberallas (which stop the rain). No, I am not making this up.

17. Missle Command
Another classic PD game on the Amiga. This was probably the very first PD game I ever saw. In fact I had to ask what P.D actually meant while playing this for the first time. I was told it meant 'Free'. A free game? Surely not! Compared to the c64 version, this mouse driven nuke-sim is super smooth, fast and responsive. The main attacks begin pretty granny friendly, but soon become mad scrambles; as wave after wave of nukes and little smart bombs are dropped towards your poor little cities. Matt Broderick it ain't.

18. Extreme Violence
19. Dr. Mario
Match two ends of the same pill to take your medicine. Match all the ends of all the pills to get totally stoned. Then the doctor will prescribe you some more; just like real life.

20. Hydrozone
21. Downfall
Graham Humphreys neo-classic take on a not-so-old Atari 2600 and Jaguar game. More a spiritual 'homage' than a 1:1 port, this version is just as responsive and just as challenging as it's inspiration title. Nothing from the Atari games is present in the Amiga version, which has been redesigned from the ground up, with new level designs, new music, and a series of Amiga themed collectables all adding to this games novelty and appeal. But don't be expecting this to be a pushover!, as this title remains very challenging and requires strategy as well as fast reflexes to progress.

22. Madhouse
Although this point n' clicker only has ten or so screens, the charm comes with the smart dialogue and the visual gags littered throughout. The graphics may be Dpaint, and the GRAC/GRAIL type environment is quite low-tech, but the solution will have even pixel-hunting freaks scratching their heads and wondering 'Why does that girl have such HUGE glasses??'

23. Damage
A man goes on the rampage with a tiny gun. He walks into a disco, and kills them all inside. He finds a bigger gun. He walks into a hotel, and kills them all inside. He finds a bigger gun. He walks into a police station, and kills them all inside. Get the idea? Sick and bloody. Sometimes the main character is slow to operate and control, especially when the violence begins to really ramp up, but generally the game is just sick, and, er, bloody.

24. Pod
25. Dr. Strange 2

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