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Originally Posted by copse View Post
Maybe we should start a pool and take bets for when it gets taken down :-)
It does seem somewhat bizarre.

Apparently they have a DMCA exemption to allow them to archive obsolete software, even if that requires breaking copy protection.

But archiving it is one thing, distributing it is quite another, as it may well infringe on a company's intellectual property rights.

Say, for example, Capcom wanted games using their IP removed (I use them as they are known to be particularly fussy). The Internet Archive's FAQ suggests that the onus is on the copyright holder to list all content that they believe is infringing, but there are numerous games which are very well known to be Capcom IP, e.g. Ghosts 'n' Goblins, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter II etc. (they still sell games using these IPs, even if not the specific Amiga versions). I doubt the IA would get away with a "ooh, I didn't realise those were Capcom games" in court.

Even if the IA are right, they would end up with a big list of games that they'd have to remove from the Amiga TOSEC, some published by U.S. Gold, some on U.S. Gold's GO! label and some by Elite. And of course not just the Amiga, but the ST, Spectrum, C64 etc as well. And of course many other copyright holders might object too.

And to cap it all, they are planning on archiving every single TOSEC set from here on in. So each time they would have to go through this entire process again.

It just doesn't seem feasible to me - and yet, here they are almost two months on, and I can find no mentions of any complaints from any of the big copyright holders online. Hmmmm....

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