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Originally Posted by 1time View Post
I have joined the mailing list but i have never seen a singel mail from the developers.
Don't worry, it took a while for my first email to get a reply. Here is the latest message from the developers -


I've just noticed the earlier news postings cannot be found on the archive page
of the announcement list. Until we resolve this issue, I'll send my last post again,
so that new subscribers can also get them.

- The ScanJuggler XAGA Lite version is now ready and the first batch is being shipped.
Local residents only, for now - I had to serve out numerous pre-payed preorders.
A new batch will be produced next month and be available more widely.
(An international price will be announced soon.)

- If you happen to attend the present Revision demoparty in Saarbrucken, look for
Charlie of organisers and ask him to flash a piece of SJ XAGA Lite...
(In case he has some free time.) [expired]

- New feature: both the normal and Lite version is now updateable from under AmigaOS
(FW+FPGA logics). Expect regular updates with new features...

- The ScanJuggler XAGA (normal version) is being enhanced in some ways:
- It will be expandable, using a special miniconnector.
- The memory (it's on the backside) will be bigger, enabling support for 1280x720
(normal 16:9) resolution and allowing some other features, as well. (It was also
because of harder availability of the former part.)
- These changes needed a moderate redesign of the PCB and other changes as well,
but it's near completion now.

Best Regards,
dezz - developer of the ScanJuggler cards
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