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Originally posted by KombatSanta
what's a "1 x Surf Squirrel (Boxed) "?
A surf squirrel is a little radio remote controlled squirrel that you can buy here in the UK. All it is is a dead squirrel with it's innards taken out and a few electronics fitted inside it. The tail is used as a rather nifty aerial and the eyes flash red when the squirrel does a trick. It comes with it's own little surf board so you can take it down to the seaside and impress your mates with your surfing squirrel and all the different tricks it can do like standing on it's head while surfing at 30 miles per hour! Don't get the thing wet though because it starts breeding other little surfing squirrels and soon the sea would be full of little surfing squirrels banging into each other and getting in the way of life boats. You have been warned!
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