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Okay, the family had me out and about (Wife and Kiddies) so I have had time to ponder this.

Fantastic project. I have 4 A500's in the cupboard, one of which has a kickstart switcher, and a trapdoor 4MB expansion, but this idea of having all in one is GREAT.

8MB's of Ram, sweet.
Rom switcher for up to 6 Kicksatarts (Drool).
IDE (YAY, IDE for A500 !!!!!, Gimme).

After reading the thread from front to back, i get the impression IPF support will not be included but could be added (Please !!!!!!!!!), Wanted this on Minimig !

all accessible from the one board, no need to have wires darting here and there to various points on the Motherboard. In reality what we have here is a Minimig (no Scandoubler) with 8MB of memory that plugs in to, and utilizes the original A500. OKay not really a Minimig as such, by utilizing the original chips on the motherboard, freeing the FPGA logic for other cool stuff.

Gimme..., Sign me up for one !
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