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Hi all !

Originally Posted by attila06 View Post
Hello Jim,
No news, hope everything is right for you, and seeing you soon.
All is allright attila06, don't be afraid. I'm hardly working on xb 0.9 but i've a lot of things to do. I hope i can release it before the end of may. This will be long but i think you will like it

Originally Posted by Ebster View Post
but for hacks / tweaks - i only use the classicwb v26 startup (wb3.1) with an extra line for acatune and nothing else. i think classicwb includes quite some hacks but should be common to other users. did anyone else using classicwb have issues on exiting?
Hi Ebster. I'll give a look to classicwb to check that

Originally Posted by mikey2002kent View Post
Jim I wondered if there is a setting or is it possible to stop the text on the menus fading in and out and just to have the lists as a soild colour.

I've changed the background to black with white text but it still fades from white into gray and back.

Thank you
Hello mikey. What you've changed is the colors of the cLi not the Launcher. It may be possible to add an option to do what you want but why ? Do you think that the text is not clearly readable ?
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