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Vic-64... it's either Vic-20 or C-64 young padawan (just in case there's another old geek geezer in your class )
It was actually called the Vic-64 in Sweden which is what I grew up calling it. Hence I still call it that despite it being the Commodore 64, heh. Or at least that's what was printed on the box of the computer or... console or whatever you want to call it. Complete with the datasette and everything. Anyway, yeah, Commodore 64 but here we called it VIC-64.

From now on I shall call it the C64.

And I suppose I make myself feel older than I really am. I guess that partly comes from hanging out mostly with younger people and the fact that I tend to watch a lot of old shows and movies and similar... and, of course, I play a lot of old games, heh. Doesn't really help, I guess.
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