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Now short answers I will try to find some time to write more.

Based on the huge sound file I guess you converted all the ST sounds to Amiga IFF files and just play them back instead of writing a sound conversion routine?
With music and sound fx Don Adan help me a lot. I just only make wav file with samples from Atari ST version.

Did you find where the game draws and alter that to output in Amiga screen format or did an entire frame convert job on the screen?
Yes, I change every place where game draws, that was not so hard as seems to be.

How long did it take to convert?
Not so long, more time takes to fix bugs (mine and original)

Did you pick this game because it was a favourite or was it analysed to be an easy one etc?
I like a lot Solomons Key and I have also luck that this game on Atari ST wasn't so complicated to convert.

Any chance for a skip level trainer for this game?
You really need this ?

Thank you for opinion.
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