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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Wrong. Everyone seems to misunderstand how it works.

AROS fully implements public CybergraphX API ("everyone" uses it), internally it uses AROS' own system (not Picasso96 or RTG), only the m68k RTG driver translates to Picasso96, everything else uses AROS native drivers.

m68k aros works this way because there is no point in writing native drivers just for m68k aros and Picasso96 _driver_ API is the only one which is sort of publically available which makes translation possible.

Most common graphics operations are identical between APIs and maps 1:1, there is no need for "emulation".
thanx for explanation. Then i understood it wrong too. But nevertheless it seems programs like ScummVM RTG and others do not work on AROS 68k for some reason. ScummVM crashes, other show screen but then nothing.
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