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Help me with Amberstar

This game is driving me up the walls. For a couple of days I've been trying to get it to run in WinUAE with no luck and I really, really want to play this game. More so now that I can't make it work but mostly because I've heard fantastic things about it.

So here's what's going on:

I got the install disks, I've set up Workbench 1.3 on an A500 coupled with a hard disk file. Workbench 1.3 seems to be working just perfectly fine, it boots up with no trouble what so ever.

I boot Amberstar Installation Disk A and it works just fine, I specify which device to install on and it doesn't complain about there not being enough room, it seemingly installs fine and then exits out to workbench again. And then... nothing. Honestly, I have been up and down the Internet trying to figure out what to do. There doesn't appear to be any new folder on my device so... nothing to start and thus I can't play the game... I think.

I've checked the Amberstar manual and it says nothing more than "run the install, obey the on screen instructions, complete!" I've tried setting up a second HD and install to that with no luck, installs just fine but when I open it up there's still nothing there.

Now, I set up an A1200 as well which installs games just fine with WHDLoad. The instructions say that I should first install Amberstar normally then run the WHDLoad patch (if I understood it correctly) but when trying to install it on my A1200 it says that there's not enough room on my hard drive.

I grew up with an Amiga but I never had a harddrive so this is completely new grounds for me. I'd install it to floppies but if at all possible I'd just much rather play it from the HD.

So, what am I doing wrong? How do I actually play Amberstar? I want to play it from the HD because disk swapping is not my favorite aspect of the Amiga.
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