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is there a chance we see a "Save Settings As" option? it would be great for sharing and having different settings for different monitors without the need to re-do all the tweaking...

I also have a small question...
I have deleted my overscan prefs so that the amiga PAL High Res Laced screen is 640x512. I have setup a 1280x1024 mode for the MK2 and now PAL High Res Laced is crystal clear and fullscreen with S-Hires and Lines options.
It's so awesome that I began testing with PAL for games...
The tool gives a 724px width and 283px height and I have Hires and Lines75% on a 800x600 MK2 screen... looks very nice but is there some way to fit PAL in a 1280x1024 screen so it looks ultra-sharp too? I have tried it and all I get is a 566px height strip picture naturally...
What is the trick here? Or there isn't any and a 800x600 screen is the correct MK2 resolution for lower res stuff since there is no way to make the vertical resolution 4x?

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