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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Out of interest, have you optimized your realtime screen decoder to only do the graphics within the ST borders or are you converting the entire screen?
I'm converting the whole screen each frame
But i'm using an optimised (32-bit chipmem access) conversion routine, so unless you have a machine slower than 030, the game is still faster than on the ST.

Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
THAT'S IT!!!!! Music/Sfx OFF = no lock ups!!!!

Tried with just Sound Effects ON, seems to work ok on my A1200 030/50MHz but locks up on my A2000 030/28MHz.

Edit: ; is the key to turn on/off MUSIC. S for SOUND effects
Seems to be sound effects (perhaps when stealing a channel from music). Does it work ok when the music is alone ?
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