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Originally Posted by NMI View Post
Yeah, I got exactly the same issue with the new cores.

Only PAL-hires (non-interlaced) works OK, everything else makes the Indy hang and don't output anything, the only way to recover is to power-cycle.
Also, pressing "apply" in the config-tool makes the Indy hang, forcing a new power-cycle.

When I install the latest update and do "update all" it updates cores 0-5 and 7 (not core 6?) then the Indy stops sending output to my monitor (tested multiple times with 3 different monitors).

I'm currently using the latest config-tool with the older beta cores, and it appears to work OK.
Good call! This seems to work, what a relief. As you say, there must be an issue with the latest cores. Now the test button works as it should.
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