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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Can you explain everything you done step by step.
Do you have any pics of what you have done.
From the beginning? I have no pics of the set up, but hardware wise I've done nothing else apart from remove 125C and 123C. Here's what I remember, including stuff I just did today:

- fresh install of workbench 3.1
- installed card
- added ACATune to startup sequence
- random freezes
- took ACATune off startup sequence, still freezes randomly
- took HxC out and plugged out external floppy drives, still randomly freezed
- took ACA card out, completely stable
- put card back in, tried various programs, still randomly freezes
- removed 125C and 123C, desoldered with soldering wick and iron. made sure iron wasn't too hot and didn't leave any remains that could short anything out. wiped with isopropyl alcohol.
- tried WHDLoad games, the games run fine but some demos (ie. state of the art) were glitchy.
- much more stable, but occasionally freezes on certain actions, ie. dopus copying files, or opening too many instances of programs
- took card out, system completely stable once again despite hours of use

- clean contacts with a tiny amount of isopropyl alcohol, put card back in. system stable so far
- tried demos via the HxC, they work fine. State of the Art runs glitchy until I turn CPU caching off and turn the chipset to either OCS/ECS mode.

I will continue testing once I get the PSU, to rule out power issues. I can send my 1200 to Amigakit to do the full timing fix if all else fails.

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