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ACA CPU upgrade?


Is it possible to upgrade the 33MHz CPU on a ACA1232 by a 50MHz CPU?

I mean, of course it's possible to unsolder the original CPU and solder the 50MHz version, and i have all the tools and the expertise to do so. What i want to know is if it's possible to make the board drive the processor at it's new clock rate?

In the table silked on the board there are jumper wirings for up to 40MHz. Is the 50MHz clock possible with the same (standard) FPGA core?

Beside this question, am i wrong in thinking that i may benefit of the CPU change anyway, as the ceramic 50MHz version, even clocked at 40MHz would heat a lot less than the original plastic 33MHz version? Of course, i'm not worried with warranty matters...

Thank you very much!

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