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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Novacoder: If a screen looks "totally offset", then the screenmode recognition is obviously failing. For a proper bug report, please configure the OSD of the flickerfixer to "always on" and enable the OSD debug feature. This will display an additional line with information of the Amiga-screenmode such as number of lines, number of pixels and the H/V frequencies of the Amiga mode. These numbers are used for screenmode recognition. Compare them to the standard WB settings. As I wrote yesterday, there's still this mystery of Euro72 having two different screen sizes on two computers, which is not solved yet. If you have a similar effect even on one computer but with different pieces of software, we might get more hints on why this is happening. Note that the screenmode recognition is happening inside of the FPGA, and that's re-configurable. A new screenmode recognition entity can be put in a core update.

Managed to get rid of the corrupt graphics by choosing a 640x480 mode, the colors are still not 100% but much better than they were. Not sure what is wrong with the colors, they are very close (about 95% correct) but you can see they are not quite right.

Also created a new 1280x720 mode for HD720, that looks pretty nice.

This is as good as I can get it looking with PAL at the moment -> [ Show youtube player ]

Yep we need SuperPlus sorted please Jens, it used to work really well with the original core.


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