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I've got a problem. I managed to get the Indie working with the screenmodes that I regularly use (standard NTSC & NTSC Interlace modes ONLY) with the initial release of the config tool. I downloaded the updated tool the other day on this site, followed the installation instructions and the new cores that came with the package were flashed. Now, I get no output at all from the Indie. I have tried several different monitors; a VGA TFT and a DVI TFT. The VGA TFT was previously working with the Indie. I have a 1084 on the 'video out' and can see that the NTSC modes are being output from the Amiga; ie the test patterns from the new Test button are displayed on the 1084 but not on the Indie. I've tried almost all of the supplied modes starting with VGA 640x480 which was working before. What can I do?

Note: The Indivision logo is displayed on bootup and new cores are flashed when I attempt try out different modes so there is still something going on, just no output.


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