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Originally Posted by keropi View Post
thanks for the explanations
correct me if I am wrong but does this mean that the values on the config tool are not in reality exact since they get calculated differently depending on pal or ntsc clocks?
Yes, that's correct. I do have an idea how to make an automatic detection of the actually-installed crystal, but that requires a realtime-clock, and not everyone has that installed. So for now, it's an average value, slightly incorrect for both PAL and NTSC. However, since it's PLL circuits on the monitor side as well, it's well within tolerance.

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
also I had an idea about the H/V offsets... would it be possible when you test a screenmode to have the arrow keys work as a centering means and automatically pass the values to H/V offset fields when you press apply? It would make finding those values way more easy IMHO
Changes are not instant - we cannot write "directly into the FPGA", but only into the flashrom. Then we need to trigger an FPGA-reconfig, which in turn will re-read the config from flash. In any case, you'll loose sync for a fraction of a second.

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