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To all Atari STE users reading along, I'm currently designing a daughterboard which adapts the PLCC socket to a DIL socket (which would actually involve unsoldering the original socket, since those plug-in solutions ... simply put ... suck and cause nothing but trouble for a number of reasons) so you can use the Zeus68k on your beloved STE machines once the softcore on the Zeus68k is done/ported. Check the hardware section at Atari-forum, I've already "announced" the project there. It's currently aimed at the PAK68/3 board, but from the looks of it, it would be able to take the Zeus68k as well (1040STE boards would need to be towered most likely, MegaSTE users will be able to fit it in the original case).

Anyways (what I originally wanted to say), to all devs of the Zeus68k, major props to you guys on this project. This seems like the speeder everyone was longing for in the 80's becoming a reality - while not as powerful as a PAK68/3 this certainly looks like the perfect trade-off between speed and compatibility which is absolutely critical with a very predefined software library. Really the best of luck and success for the project.

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