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Ok I had a quick play with the new config tool last night (I was running the original core) and I need some help.

After flashing I noticed straight away that what it calls 'PAL Interlaced' looks pretty much perfect with my monitor (full screen, centered and no glitches). So I've set my WB to PAL 640x512 and all is good, I also tested PAL 1280x512 and that was also perfect.

My problem is with what the config tool refers to as 'PAL', this mode is used by non-WB software (eg SysInfo) and also strangely enough with my own software (my software runs from WB and uses WB screen modes).

To start with the image for PAL was quite small and off to the right, I had a bit of a play around (change the positioning from overscan to default and maybe changed the resolution), and finally got an image for PAL that was centered and filled about 3/4 of the screen. Unfortunately if I run something like Quake 2 AGA it looks terrible (the colors seem completely off) and I also get the flash red line of corrupt pixels in the center of the screen (as mentioned above). Anyone have any ideas?

I've got an Amiga meeting to present at this Sunday so I need Quake 2 to look good. If I can get it looking right with this new core, how to I flash back to the original core?

My monitor doesn't have an OSD for it's current refresh rate BTW which doesn't help when trying to guess what it should be set to.
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