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Ok, thanks. But it is Pal interlaced 800x600 for SuperPlus, and I can't get it working full screen yet (BTW it goes from 60Hz to 100Hz the next, no 72,75,80 or 85). BTW it would be nice if the Text button would turn off after 15 seconds. It's difficult to click on a button to close it that you can't see. (Edit: OK. A Esc does the job)

Edit: Ok, I've got with the config tool a Test screen perfect with Pal interlaced 1280x566 (overrided, it was x1024), h-offset 72, v-offset 30, but later SuperPlus isn't like that.

Edit: I think SuperPlus should have some attention. I believe I will preffer this over HighGfx as it's faster for an ACA (I think they should be first on preferences)... I mean that if an Os runs well with 1024x768 (it seems that HighGfx is the mode that gives less problems) and 16 colors, it can run as fast with 800x600, 64 colors. Perfect size for icons and it works with WinUAE.

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