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Are you sure that you should have removed 125C and 123C?
Well, they made things worse when in the motherboard, so no harm really. Random lockups pretty much disappeared once they were removed.

Timing issues with 1200 motherboards seems to be a bit of a 'black art', you can't go by your motherboard revision either as they are all a bit 'individual' if you know what I mean.
I'm aware of this. Some 2B boards refuse to even boot with the card in. Mine seemed to be fine until the random lockups.

For anyone having MB issues the first thing I'd recommend is to change your CAPS if they haven't been done already, after that check your power supply and only after you've eliminated those two would I start to investigate timing fixes. You would obviously use a 'clean' install of WB for testing (eg no hacks/patches installed).
The capacitors don't seem to look like they're bulging or leaking, however this will be an option. The 1200 is running a clean install of WB 3.1 and I've already ordered a 300W PSU for it.

I sent my 1200 motherboard to AmigaKit and got them to replace the CAPS and at the same time asked them to test with an ACA card and fix up the timing issues they found. They did a really good job, very happy with the service they offer.
What's the turnaround for the service? Considering it if I run into any other problems.
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