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Originally Posted by shleed View Post
I recently got an ACA-1220 for my Amiga 1200. It has a 2B board so I was aware I may have to apply timing fixes.

Once I received the card, I put it in and all seemed well. However, it started to lock up randomly after a short while and sometimes failed to boot into Workbench fully.

However, after removing 125C and 123C, it seems to work fine now. No random freezes or anything of the sort yet despite using it for hours. WHDLoad games seem to work fine, although some WHDLoad Demos such as State of the Art don't work right, however I suspect that to be more due to the config of them itself than the ACA itself.

To cover bases, I also ordered a PSU from Amigakit just in case my current PSU contributed to the freezing to an extent. Besides, the extra juice could come handy for future expansions and mods.

Going back to timing issues, is there any good recommendations to test in case any further fixes are needed?
Im guessing you have E123R and E125R, installed?
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