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Originally Posted by yaqube View Post
FPGA Arcade Replay board: Minimig AGA core + 060@106MHz
AmiQuake2 1.01
default full screen
timedemo demomap q2demo1.dm2
fps : 11.1

I will make a youtube video soon. Sorry Chris for the delay!

No probs, I'll send you v1.06 tonight, should be a little quicker on your super fast setup.

Yes would love to see a video of v1.06 running on your FPGA Arcade

This is how v1.06 runs on my Blizzard currently -> [ Show youtube player ], it's now really quite nice to play on my setup (with a slightly reduced screen).

Matt Hey is currently trying to squeeze the last few tenths out of the scan-line assembler, should be able to do a (final) release next week.

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