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Well Kickstarts 1.x -> 2.x should be free... but 3.1 shouldn't.
I am not a pirate, i buy the software when i can get it here in Belgium or when the software is sold today again.

It take me one year of hard searching to buy the original cd-rom here in Europe, and what i get for the prize is very disapointing.
I can find in one minut better workbench xx (with full set of disks totally free), but i want support all companys that take alive an old computer (and not only the Amiga, i have an cd-rom for Spectrum too).

The older roms, however, that aren't used, or even sold by Amiga anymore, should be released...
Sorry to say you that, but the Workbench 3.1 is not a 'new' AmigaOS.
This is an old release that you need to update to AmigaOS 3.5/3.9.

If only the 'Cloanto' give away for free the workbench 3.1 (full sets of disk) and sell the AmigaOS 3.5/3.9 (he can make an adf DemoDisk add of the AmigaOS 3.1 set for advertising and say 'hey look how to the AmigaOS 3.5 is better and what is interesting for').
That will be more interesting for Cloanto and for the real users.

In fact, sold of update that need an previous release to be installed, whait ... i remember, ... yes that is ! The Microsoft system of politics system.

I might be slightly bias towards cloanto though.. The ceo there has supported Jambo! throughout the years (free prizes software etcc...) Associate cloanto with good things. But still, Amiga forever = excellent amiga emu resource for beginners, buy it
Ok, Jambo, i understand better why you don't want see the true of that

For the cd-rom i have it, and i can speak about.
The cd-rom is BAD, BAD, BAD
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