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Thomas Olivaux
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Looking for good usages of the Amiga Workbench/Shell

Hello World,

This is my 1rst post in this huge forum, I hope I'll learn many things here (it's already true).

When I was yound (I was born in 1980), I used to learn the computers with Amiga. A friend of mine got a A500 and my parents offered me an A600 in 1992. So I played with Amigas grom 10 to 14 years old. The pb is, at thoses ages, I was only playing, making a few mods or so. Usages only using bootable floppies. As a matter of fact, hard drives thoses days were a total luxury for a kid (and for everyone) and as I left Amiga for PCs later... i've never really learned how to install a Workbench, how to use it and the Amiga.

Today, I'm playing with thoses old computers again, for my great pleasure, but no way I use a floppy anymore! Reading a lot on the Internet, especially on EAB, I learned how to upgrade my Amigas with CF (with IDE to CF adapter), upgrading the kickstart with 3.1, I installed the Workbench 3.1 on both my A600 and A1200 (stock on the 600, ClassicWB Light on the 1200). Currently, I'm working on using TCP-IP with a wireless Prism 2 PCMCIA card.

Well, as you can see, I'm doing the same as hundred of users here But this post is not to ask "how can I use this game?" "how to flash this card"... I'm already searching for what I need, everything is already explained. What I miss the most is a "beginner guide to Amiga Workbench/Shell", the best way to partition a hard drive (not the limitations, but is it better to make only one partition or several), where to install my programs, why some files are shown by default and others not, what are the best/must have softs, etc etc. A lot of noob interrogations, but the basics needeed in order to do things well. Do you know a FAQ/Guide like this for me?

Thanks a lot for reading and I hope to read from you soon,

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