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In an attempt to increase voting - please feel free to include games that are not on the original list but indicate them in brackets as Harry and Predseda have.

At the close I will do an EAB top 100 vote. - games selected which were not in the original list will not have new review written but a link to existing reviews if available. This is because Graham - Robert and I would not be able to physically write 100 mini reviews immediately after the close of the vote and are currently working through the oringinal 100 for our seperate project.

The EAB vote will be used to help determine the places for the 100 games chosen by Graham and myself for our project and it may be that our original selection changes slightly as a result of the EAB votes so please download the games - play them and vote and also recommend any PD / Shareware gems we may have missed.

Look forward to seeing some more votes soon!
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