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Arrow Arcade Game Selector 2

Hello folks.

I noticed a few weeks ago that my old AGS project was still very much alive and has seen a number of forks and fixes, most recently from tomcat666. I started looking at the source again, saw that it was old and messy, and decided to rewrite the whole thing from scratch. It took a little while to get the development environment set up with FS-UAE (I don't have any properly working Amigas these days :/ ), and I seem to have forgotten most of what I ever knew about Amiga coding in general and AmigaE coding in particular. It was fun getting back into it though, and I've managed to get it to a state where I'd like some input from the fine people here at EAB.

First off, the project is hosted on GitHub, so you can check out the source code there:

The main changes since version 1 are:
  • AGA and OCS support.
  • Subdirectory support, up to two levels deep.
  • Configurable screen layout.
  • Better control over colors.
  • Screenshots are loaded in a background task, keeping the interface responsive.
  • Games end in .run so names can be 2 characters longer.
For testing I have a fresh snapshot compiled today that shows you the state of things:

I'd like to warn you that it's a debug build that prints out statistics and opens console windows, so it isn't ready for active use. (FIXED) I'd love to get some feedback though, especially on its performance since I don't have any real hardware to test on (Anyone have a cheap A600HD for sale?). A few notes on the code:
  • Text rendering is still done with SetDrMode()/Move()/Text(), which is painfully slow. (FIXED) I'm going to replace this with rendered 1-bpp bitmaps which should speed up scrolling significantly on slower machines.
  • The ILBM loader is written in pure AmigaE since I don't know 68k assembler. It's also unpacking and blitting one line at a time instead of decoding the whole image to keep memory requirements down. I'm going to study a bit and see if I can come up with a faster method but any pointers here are most welcome.
  • Info text isn't implemented. (DONE)
  • It's currently configured for 640x256x16. You'll have to draw a 640x256x256 background to test it in AGA mode.(FIXED)
Now to the point where I'm hoping I can get some help:

» Is the AmigaDOS 3.x manual available somewhere? I need a good command reference and a guide to writing scripts. In particular I need to figure out why Lap/Skip doesn't work.

» As you can tell if you've run the program I'm not a graphics artist. I'm hoping that someone here would be willing to develop a 4-color theme for OCS and a 16 or 32-color theme for AGA. Any takers?

» Does anyone have a good WHDLoad archive, preferably sorted in categories and with screenshots still in full 8 or 24-bit color? AGS2 comes with an image converter ( and I need to find the best way to run it. NB: I don't need the actual games, just the .start/.png/.txt files.

» Are there any decent development tools for tracking down memory leaks, buffer overruns, double frees, etc? I've tried running with Enforcer and MungWall, but since AmigaE frees all resources at exit I don't get any hits when the code is actually executing. I also don't know how to translate the memory addresses that they report into AmigaE function and variable names. It doesn't help me one bit to know that I overwrote a buffer by one byte at $078c9482 after the program quit...

And of course if anyone has any questions or requests, please just ask.

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