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80's Top Games - OVER 2000 Retro games playable in your Browser!

Every so often you come across a gold mine of a site, and 80's Top Games is surely that! With over 2000 Retro games to play, all in your Browser, you will be having fun day after day. They have not just the one system, but over TEN, with many many games for each. You can play on systems such as the Amstrad, Arcade, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, PC(MS-DOS), MSX, Nintendo(GameBoy,NES,Snes), Sega(Megadive,Gensis), TurboGrafx16, Spectrum, and the great Amiga! The only thing you need to have, to play these awesome games, is a Browser and Java it's that simple.

Though I'm not sure if the Amiga version is any good, I've been playing Amstrad games
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