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Sound Prob.

Hello I am new to this forum and an oldskool Amiga user.
Ive been using Winuae for quite a while and had it running flawless with older versions. Just updated to 0.8.22 R4 and I love the new options, but now I am having alot of sound glitch problems. Not really in games, mostly demos. the demo I am having the most problems in is the old Spaceballs State of the Art demo. it glitches like crazy but used to work fine. Ive played around with the sound settings to no avail.
System specs are:

1.6 ghz
1gig of DDR Ram
SB Audigy

and I have all the latest drivers for all my hardware.

If anyone has any suggestions on what options I may be overlooking please let me know.
Or let me know the settings you are using if you are able to get this demo to work 100%.

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