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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Tonight is the sadest day of my whole life

I have to announce that something very serious event has happened.

My father is seperated from my mother since 4 months, and just in order for her to be desherited, to get nothing like the half of the house, and considering the depressive and serious bipolar disorder he has, at 00:00 am
he has put the fire to the family house (he was alone in it), and everything is burnt and destroyed.

My amiga collection has been destroyed to 90%, i only have a few very rare titles with me, all my amiga, atari ST, CPC, PC, console, my arcade hardware, everything is in ashes.

I'm so devastated inside...... all our family photos, all my souvenirs, he has erased us, me and my mother, my brother and sisters.

I just hope that the moderators won't be annoyed for this sad post here.
sad news...

Call me tomorrow if you want to talk

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