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Originally Posted by bippym View Post

I am really sorry to hear about your losses here. I can't imagine how difficult it may be for you and your family right now.

My concern here is why the severity of your fathers illness was not picked up sooner, and was allowed to deteriorate to this level.

If you need an ear please give me a shout, and chin up.

nb. On a side note I have moved this thread to off-topic. I don't want to come across as rude or uncaring, but it's not really news.
The answer about why he has not been picked up sooner, it's the french law. It protects people from being locked up by their children in case of heritance (they want to get the money, and to do so, they make their parent(s) locked up).

that's why we've never been able to make him pick his medics in order for him to not becoming mad and do pure mad acts.

The French state is the culprit here. My mum, my bros and sisters and i we were thinking about how to do, and even our family doctor told us that nothing could be done. My father was an engineer, a genius in maths and a very cultured man, this in his "good" personality, and this was what the doctors and even the cops have seen of him. When they see that, they just release him !

you see how crazy and silly the situation is, the law was against "us"....
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