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New One Of "Homebrew" 68k Amiga Magazine Idea

Inspired in equal parts by both Commodore Free (entertaining read thats worth checking out if you havent yet), and issue 107 (iirc) of ZZap64 (an issue released as a pdf only a decade or so after its demise), Ive taken a liking to the idea of trying to make a "magazine" focused on 68k amigas, and its scene/software/development/whatever in recent times. Given the relatively modest content that'd be available month to month it makes more sense to me to focus on highlights going back the last few years. An emphasis would be on more current content of course, but it'd be a pretty thin read if highlights from this decade were also ignored.

The idea isnt to make a new monthly/bi-monthly fanzine type magazine, but rather an attempt at a fully fledged magazine that wouldnt have looked out of place in the Amigas heyday. Games reviews and previews, app/tool reviews, OS updates, 68k AROS, maybe some tutorials, hardware reviews (even older hardware that has been upgraded (ie., heavily overclocked cards), an interview or two, and so on and so forth.

While this is predominantly for fun it also doubles as a learning experience, and an excuse to try to develop something semi professional looking on my Amiga

So that said I guess Im looking for input and/or help. Obviously I dont have access to all hardware released in recent times, nor do I have multiple Amigas to test software suited to different spec systems.
If anyone thinks they might be interested in writing an article or two, or perhaps reviewing a game or app, or piece of hardware, etc. that's new to 68k Amiga I'd appreciate the help.

Additionally I'd be interested in any suggestions as to what people would deem "worthy" for such a magazine. Ive already got a decent list, but Im sure there's stuff Ive missed.

Thanks in advance.

edit: just to clarify this wouldnt be a print magazine. I'd love to do one, but just dont have the money for it.
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