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thanks guys for your support, i'm actually very shocked about what happened.

i don't feel hate about him, only non-sense. the problem with bipolar/schizophrenic people is that they take at first their medics, as they are needed for them to live normally, once meds did their duties, the person think she is naturally fine, and then she stops taking the meds. The result is known : he or she is going down under the ground !

the french laws are protecting people against 'healing obligations', because in some case, children could potentially ask for interning a parent to get the heritance (understand : money). the backside here is that the law never gave us the possibility to prevent this horror by requesting an injonction of healing obligation.

Our state is at failure in this case. If he was a normal guy, for such an act, you'd normally get jailed. No, instead we had to wait for a very serious event like this one to happen to get him locked up in the asylum......

About talking about this personal event, i just couldn't act like if nothing had appened, because i was the main gardian of amiga games, always ready to pull disk images to anyone needing it.

One of the things which hurt me the most is that Richard Joseph heritage is definitely lost, since he gave me things that even his family or friends didn't had with them, there is also the ocean france development disks, i have imaged most of them, but they are all physically lost, same as what the guy at TLK games gave me.

this lead me also to say that it's also one of the main reason i wanted to help to preserve amiga games, because you never know in life what can happen, some games in my collection are lost, and i will never be able to get them back, i think about the infomedia games, like explora, (i hopefully kept in my flat Rockstar!).

strangely, games like the spanish one (viaje al centro de la tierra, lorna, albedo, dragon flight, fate gates of dawn, ambermoon, amberstar and few others were in my flat !).

oh well.......

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