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Have you the cd-rom at your house ?
If yes look at it seriously close, and you will see that what i say is true

You get all the Rom Files, the WB Adf files (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 2.04 and 2.1) and Amiga Explorer..
False You get only the first disk of each release, useless without the fonts, the extras, ect...

I wouldn't recommend getting the CD over the Online Edition though, as the CD only comes with a few more extra's..
I have both of it, the Online AND the cd-rom release (original with a licence serial number FOR BOTH).

Then why don't you actually go out and buy OS 3.5/3.9 off Amiga and support them with your money,
I have order it now about 2-3 weeks ago by my Amiga dealer (now i must wait because the shop is closed for hollydays), the Amiga OS 3.9 will be here in 6 weeks or more, i am just waiting for it.

But remenber that it will be useless without the FULL Workbench 3.1, because he is needed for install it . and the Amiga for ever DON'T HAVE THE FULL VERSION, ONLY THE FIRST DISK.

Cloanto have been a long time Amiga developer and I believe they need to be supported. If you want to get the roms of your Amiga, fine! That's the first thing you should do.. But if you don't have an Amiga anymore and want to relieve the experience then buy amiga forever and help support the Amiga and a long time Amiga company and also get an excellent package
Read my first post, I have it buy, both of it, this is why i can speak about
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