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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The actual Amiga resolution is Hires, but you have set the configtool to S-Hires. This will put not 664, but 1328 pixels into the Indivision framebuffer. However, you tell Indivision to only display 1280 pixels. The picture is therefore cut at the right side.
thanks for the explanation, but still after switching to "Hires" I get this on a 1024x768/60hz screen:

I have set the width to 664 and for some reason height was 572
If I put height=534 (the actual native resolution is 664x534) then the screen does not receive a usable image.

If I put height=535 then I get this , with the image shifting to the right (still missing from left and lots from bottom)

the same resolution set to 800x600/60hz with Hires setting produces no usable signal for the monitor. S-Hires just gives the zoom deal. 1280x1024 is pretty much the same deal , problematic for me.

Please tell me what else is wrong or what I can do to help pinpoint the problem
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