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Sorry about the situation. However we can thank God no one got hurt.

About your personal collection, well, it's a pity to have almost everything lost, however
you must take it easy and start over. Probably you won't be able to get again
the most of your lost collection, just take it step by step, you can always go on emulation for a start while not having hardware left, well, it's not the same than the real thing, we know. But it's an starting point.

I would be more concerned about the goods you can't get again no matter how.
Pictures and videos from your family, moments... And the actual situation of your family, relations and budget.

My best wishes for this new and hard stage you've entered. Keep it on.
It's going to be hard, but i'm sure you'll succeed.

I hope this doesn't sound gay or something, but this is one of these moments everybody
would need a hug.

So, here it is. \O/ raising arms for it.
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