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Originally Posted by mips View Post
Those are the packages I have.

I recall being able to emulate the Amiga on lesser hardware back in the day. Oh well, it is what it is.

Thanks for all the help.

Sorry I did not wanted to discourage you from trying, was just pointing out that since FS-UAE is based on the same core as WinUAE and since the latter improved greatly in accuracy in the last years, so did the minimum requirements for running the core smoothly. I had a ThinkPad with a Pentium 4M 1.70Ghz that run well WinUAE in 2008, now would be near impossible to run WinUAE smoothly without a more modern configuration.

But as TCD says wait a bit for Frode to be able to respond here, he is the grand master of the emulator, maybe he has some tricks he could share with you and in that way you could take some leverage of your old hardware.
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