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I have been playing computer games since i was about 4, my brother had a zx spectrum, which i played my first ever games on.
My friend later got a sega master system, then he got a mega drive. Another friend had a C64, which i thought was much better than the sega consoles. A new friend brought a new console, a NES. In 1992 i got an Amiga 600 (w00t!) which kicked every computer i had played on into the gutter.
Then my cousin got an A1200, that was cool. My brother progressed to a PC in about 1994, but didn't have many games, just auto CAD programs for his job.
Friends went on to get sega saturn's/playstations/N64 and PC's, but i kept the Amiga, i had loads of games (cracked) which made it a lot better than anything my friends had (like 3 or so games).
Finally i got a playstation to play all the new games, and later a PC to get on the net. I mostly play the PC/Amiga for games, the playstation is just sitting pretty much redundant.
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