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Personally I still don't really get how the MK2 works with the config tool. It seems that the behavior is not constant.
btw, I did a complete re-flash and re-installation so everything went back to stock before doing those tests.

Jens stated previously that one can configure the MK2 to output an amiga resolution within a user resolution: for example PAL 640x400 in a 800x600 screen with black borders all around. If you choose a 1280x1024 resolution then the borders are bigger.

Now I don't get this:

take for example these settings as they show on a TV - 664x534 amiga resolution , fullscreen and nice

and this is how it shows on a 1280x1024 MK2 screen:

why is it "zoomed" ? shouldn't the 664x534 amiga resolution be a centered area in the larger resolution with back borders?

and here is MK2 1024x768 (changing the "width" value to 1024 makes no difference at all , I just left it as the tool pre-configures it)

and here is MK2 800x600 , terrible

In all cases the image gets cropped at the bottom, right and on the 1024 case it also crops at the left... 800x600 is the worst of all
So it appears that it just centers a 1:1 screen at some cases while exploding in some others? Shouldn't the amiga 664x534 look fine in anything 800x600 and above?
I don't get it.

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