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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Use some program on another screen like PPaint in your desired screen mode like previously suggested here. Then you can switch back and forth between resolutions by clicking in the upper right hand corner. It works almost as good as a test button would.
If what he wants is to center the Games display then he would like to read this post too (I understand that here PPaint or Sysinfo has the same result):

Originally Posted by bbond007 View Post
There are a number of factors that will affect the centering.

Sysinfo is a WB program so it is affected by WB overscan prefs. Most games don't observe WB prefs because they don't load WB and have their own bootloader.

Not all games run centered (tend to run to the right) because if they did they would loose use of a sprite or 2... I'm sure someone could offer a more technical explanation at the hardware level, but I have experienced it in a program I wrote, so I do know the limitation exists.

if you go through the games and are happy with the centering, and then set WB app centering inside overscan prefs last.
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