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Cool Warm greetings from Osaka!

Hi all! Nice to meet everyone.

I was born in Australia, but have been living in Japan for the past decade. I now work here as part of a small Japan/US game company producing sci-fi games with a "16-bit era flavour" as we call it, which basically to me means AMIGA. Oh yes.

It's great to find this forum. I've been looking for a while for a good Amiga community to join, as there are just too many good memories that need airing.

One of the greatest things about the Amiga compared to the other systems of the time was that you could play all these great games, then load up Brilliance (or DPaint if that was your thing) and Protracker and have a go at doing it all yourself! Can't really say that about the SNES or Genesis/Megadrive!

Anyway, looking forward to contributing to this board!

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