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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Yay it's awesome someone is having another go at doing Final Fight on the Amiga.

I'm (be/a)mused by the level of hatred and venom the original Amiga version gets, even nowadays twenty-something years after its release. :-)
Thanks for posting Richard, I've often wondered what you would think of someone trying a new version.
Final Fight 68k divides opinion, so this is only my own. I think that among Amiga users those who were most happy had never played the original, whilst least happy are those who'd played the arcade first. I don't think that Final Fight 68k is a bad game, but as a conversion it fell short. It's not reasonable to expect perfection, but the amount acheived highlights the differences. It looks great and plays good, but if you're used to the original you can't fail to notice that it plays like a different game. I should point out here that I never played the Amiga version at the time.
I think these days that most Amiga users know what coders where up against back then. Hypothetically, if a software house told me I had to finish now I'd have to stretch what I've got over a few stages and that would be it. It wouldn't matter to anyone that I've worked on it for about a year. It baffles me to think that anything of quality was possible with such a short time frame and limited resources.
Animosity towards conversions has (probably) existed since they started, but it's perhaps more prevalent now with system owners expecting perfect ports of the oldies. It leads to all those sad youtube comments like 'it/they couldn't handle it' or worse.
I bought the ST version back in the day, then the SNES version. I'm actually good at the ST version (even if the scrolling makes my eyes bleed). A few weeks ago I made a longplay of it with some demoscene music that failed the youtube copyright, but that's fixed now. It seems today is as good a time as any to publish it.
[ Show youtube player ]

I'm not a great coder, but I do have the liberty of time - until Capcom steps in that is. I'm not trying to re-write the history books; I am trying to push myself and create something decent first and foremost, and in my view the miggy version of Final Fight has room for significant improvement using more modern resources - 14+ MHz, AGA and cheap storage especially - whether I can deliver or not.
I still fire up the 68k version as 'research' and have a crack at finishing it - I've not managed that yet, it's somehow harder for me than the ST version! Maybe it's 'cos I play it on 030.
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