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I am a gamer because of my Father!

In 1979/1980 (I was 5) and my dad got hold of a Texas Instruments TI99/4a now I was IMPRESSED to say the least, we played a game called scramble (i think, i'll have to find out!).

Anyway that was me hooked, he later swapped the 4a for an Atari 2600 which just cemented my passion.. Later when I was about 10 he swapped the 4a for an Acorn Electron with a plus1 expansion and loads of games.

I later had C64/Spectrum etc.. but when I went round my GF's her dad had an Amiga (1989) I was well impressed and for christmas 1990 I finally got hold af an A500

Things progressed from there, having a 1200 until 2000 (When I got my first PC!), PSX etc..

Now I just use my PC to play old games LOL
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