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In the beginning:
My grandfather was an early micro-computers and game consoles enthousiast; he had a couple of old PC's running the first M$ DOSses, a Colecovision, another console that I think was called the Gamepak (does that exist?) and another micro with a cassette drive.
So my first gaming experiences where in his attic; I remember being fascinated by games like BigTop or Karateka on the PC and some others on his consoles...

Some years laters:
My mother, who was the real commanding power in the house, never liked TV. She still thinks that it is a tool to make you even more stupid than you already are. The result was quite obvious: not a damn TV in the house. It used to piss me off, but now that I grew up I'm very thankful to that!
Instead my my parents bought my an A500 and a Gameboy, and then an A1200 when the 500 decided it was time to retire.
I have to add that my mommy always liked video games; we played together Dune and Pirates! (among others) for hours. She was my very own counselor...

The result of all this? Now I am fucking addicted! And things are worst since I've discovered The Holy Path Of Emulation!
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