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I get it, like mfilos says I have not seen anywhere news about the config tool and I began to write on this specific EAB thread after some years of leave. I haven't read any other threads.

It seems I was under the false impression that the MK2 would scale amiga modes to whatever resolution you set... so now it makes sense why I get the borders.

I managed to get a 800x600@60hz picture for PAL resolutions... it's better.
But still I don't get the option to use a 800x600@75hz mode (for partial PAL "vsync") , the config tool missed completely the clock setting to create one...

this is what my monitor supports, standard VESA modes AFAIK:

now, I cannot create the 800x600@75hz mode, the 49.500 pixel clock is missing from the list so I can't create a 75hz screen... clocks jump from ~42 to ~62 without any middle values.

Also HighGFX shows fine on a 1024x768@60hz screen. But it does blacks out when you open the hdd icons for example... like before but it does the blanking faster.

Basically I need a way to make my Samsung SyncMaster 931BF to display a 800x600@75screen for PAL games , unless there is some other mode I don't see that will try and "keep pal vsync" ... playing at 60hz is awfull as you can imagine. 100hz is out of the question for me, the monitor does not support any modes at 100hz...

About support tickets:
I got my 1st and 2nd MK1 from amigakit.
I traded the 2nd MK1 months ago for a MK2 with an amibay user: I got a new amigakit-purchased MK2. The other user did not want to wait more for the tool that was unavailable at that time.
To whom do I send my support requests? It seemed logical to write here since you posted the news.


basically I tried the same settings as you, it works with screen flashing for highgfx and 800x600/60hz for PAL screens... can you create a 75hz 800x600 screen? playing 50hz games on 60hz is awful as you've might have seen...
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