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Jens with all do respect...

When you write about features and even include the ConfigTool through forums and not the official channels (your own website, AmigaKit, Vesalia or whatever other reseller you use), it's logical to expect troubleshooting, screenshots, outputs etc through forums as well.
For example your website and Vesalia's website have your pre-released tool and AmigaKit has no link at all.

So far your new Beta tool has only been seen on and even your own EAB thread about it, linked the thread when NOT all fellow Amigans have access to.
Since everyone is learning news from the forums, and since access to Indivision is blocked atm (till you release your tool officially) I find it rather logical for people to respond with their findings in the forums as well.

Checking the forums and responding whenever you have time is one thing, but if you want the same response in order for you to have feedback based on your tool... better give your website or your sellers the appropriate updates as well.
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